lemon drizzle cake (8syns for the loaf)


Hey guys & girls,

So here I give you my first attempt at making a lemon drizzle cake & all I can say is YUM!!!
It was so delicious and what made it even more delicious is that it’s only 8 syns for the whole loaf, so it’s a much better choice then wasting 10 syns on a packet of rolos😿

What you will need is
*50G of self raising flour
*25G of sweetner (another 15G for the lemon drizzle)
*5 eggs
*3 lemons
*baking tin

*preheat oven at 180
*mix your 50G of flour & 25G of sweetner into a bowl

* seperate the yolk & egg white putting 5 egg yolks into your mixture & your whites in a seperate bowl

* Grate the lemon skin of 2 lemons into your mixture & add the juice from the two into your mixture & stir like there’s no tomorrow 🙀

* whisk your egg whites like there’s no tomorrow, you must whisk them until they form stiff peaks (I suggest an electric whisk I still can’t move my hand 👹)

*when ready fold them into your mixture( max sure to do this gently and slowly as you want the air to get into your mixture)

*pour it into the tin(spray fry light first so it doesn’t stick) & bake for 20 minutes


*then stir 15G of sweetener with your last lemon juice & pour over your cake & Pop it back into the over for a further 10 mins REDUCE THE HEAT TO 100 degrees..


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chocolate orange next ️xx

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